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New Mexico Irrigation Ltd. Co. is a family owned irrigation company located in Luna County just southwest of Deming, New Mexico. We have been serving the New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado areas for the last 15 years.

Sub-surface drip irrigation systems have been replacing traditional irrigation methods such as flood and sprinkler for many reasons. Drip Irrigation is much more efficient than flood or sprinkler and it provides many benefits that the others do not. A sub-surface drip irrigation allows you to deliver important nutrients and chemicals directly to the plant's root zone using direct chemical injection. Drip irrigation allows you to use advanced automation systems that give you total control over your farming operation.

Our company specializes in the design and implementation of these systems using the latest technology available. We supply and support everything needed to create a turn-key drip irrigation system including engineered design, installation, automation and monitoring. We have partnered with Netafim, the world's leader in drip irrigation technology, to provide you with the best products available.

Filtration is critical for the proper operation of a drip system and we provide all of the components necessary to ensure that your drip system will last for a very long time. Filter stations are an important part of any system, as the life of the drippers depend on clean water. These stations are also used to house an irrigation controller and chemigation system.

We have been certified by the Irrigation Association and approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to ensure that your systems are designed and built to meet the highest standards.



We believe that it is important to use high quality products, especially when dealing with expensive crops. That is why we chose to partner with Netafim Irrigation. Netafim is the world's most advanced drip manufacturer. With years of experience they have developed the most reliable and effective drippers on the market.

Don't take our word for it, see what some of our costumers think about it.

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